Is It Okay To Use A Guitar Amplifier As A Speaker?

Playing guitar is one of the most common hobbies and passions among people. While playing the guitar, one of the most considerable aspects to consider is high fidelity sound. People who are familiar with premium speakers would know how great it feels to listen to favorite tunes.

However, not everyone can afford such premium speakers, so people are curious to know if they can use a guitar amplifier as a speaker or not. Well, we are taking a dive into its guide, so consider reading it to get an answer to all your queries.

Guitar amp used as a speaker, possible or not


If you are wondering, you can play guitar amp as a speaker or not, the simple answer is yes. You can listen to music on the guitar amp when using it as a speaker, but there are considerations that you need to be considerate of.  The manufacturing of the guitar amps is specifically done to output the frequencies as electric guitar produces.

It can be troublesome to use the amp’s internals for listening to podcasts or high bass music. There are possible complications that are likely to happen when using a guitar amp as a speaker. Consider getting a1/4 inch to 3.5mm cable that can make it easy for you to connect the guitar amp to the computer.

While practicing to use a guitar amp as the speaker, several things might go wrong if you are just going with the flow and do not know what you are actually practicing. However, if you are familiar with the practice that is practicing, things might go smoothly. By making a few changes into the computer’s settings, you can manage to play a few of your favorite tunes on a moderate volume for about half an hour without any complication.

What about sound quality?

You need to understand that the quality that the guitar amp would provide would not be spectacular; instead, it would be moderate as it can be. The ultimate purpose of the guitar amp is surely not playing music or podcasts on it.

In addition, thinking a guitar amp can be a speaker for a long time is just wrong. You should not be doing it for a long time as it might blow your speaker and have an adverse impact on your speaker’s quality. The guitar amp produces different frequencies as compared to the frequencies that are produced by the speakers, so you need to be considerate towards it and make the right decision.